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24onoff PDF guide
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We squash some misconceptions about digital timesheets, and show you why the time is right to make the switch from pen and paper.
“Come on in and get to know 24onoff” Tor exclaimed while opening the door. In the very back of the enormous office there was nothing but a small desk, light up by a single spotlight. As we entered, his dark eyebrows appeared behind the computer monitor, hiding the rest of the lofty support agent.   In the moment he noticed the...
Timesheet app for Samuel Winn Ltd.
- We were using an excel spreadsheet, and as our company grew, this was not easy to manage with such a vast amount of information in it.
Timesheet software - Getting started
We explain the concept of digital time tracking, and show you how to get your 24onoff system up and running in five minutes or less.
As time has passed, we have become familiar with many of our customers. Now, on the other hand, it´s your turn to get a little more familiar with us here at 24onoff! We will present a new employee every other week, and this time it's Øyvind's turn! Øyvind Øyvind is the latest addition to our support- and marketing department. Yes, his name...
The Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015 are the latest government rules on guidelines that apply to the whole construction process.
Construction Phase Plan
The Construction Phase Plan (CPP) is a legal requirement for all construction projects, a plan which is designed to ensure the safety of yourself and your team. Download a free template here.
How to obtain a cscs card
A CSCS card is required on 80% of all construction project sites in the UK. See how you go about to get one and what it's going to cost.